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A Day Off |2014-09-15T09:58

Leila: I need a day off.
Reece: You don’t get days off.
Leila: Fine. I need a day out of the house.
Reece: This isn’t a house.
Leila: I need three anyway, I don’t care where you find them or what reserve of days off you steal them from.
Reece: This is protective custody. You’ve been in it for two years. You can’t take a day off.
Leila: I don’t want one day. I want three.
Reece: Look, I’ll talk to my boss and we’ll see. You know you can’t get in contact with anyone you knew before.
Leila: Wasn’t planning on it.
Reece: Then what are you..?
Leila: Can’t talk about it.
Reece: I’m here to protect you.
Leila: Yes, and you’re doing such a brilliant job, and if you can wrangle me three days off I’ll let you keep doing it.
Reece: And if I don’t?
Leila: I’ll take the three days off, and you’ll get hauled in front your bosses for losing me.
Reece: You’re not really asking, are you?
Leila: No.
Reece: Can I come?
Leila: I don’t think you want to.
Reece: Are you doing anything illegal?
Leila: Not technically. If you want to keep your job, I’d suggest not asking questions. But I’ll return to your little government lab and be a good little drone.
Reece: Do you think that will sway them to let you out?
Leila: Not really. I’m going anyway. This is just a formality.
Reece: You’re going to get me fired.
Leila: I’m going to get you a promotion. You’ll find me around the corner in three days. Go see to your –
ALARM SYSTEM This is an emergency. This is an emergency. Please go to your designated emergency areas. This is an emergency.


Three Days Later | 2014-09-18T11:47

Duncan: How fucked are you?
Reece: If she doesn’t show?
Duncan: Yeah.
Reece: About as hard as dragon fucks a car.
Duncan: Jesus. I didn’t think they’d make you go through her history.
Reece: You too?
Duncan: Any links to see where she might have gone. Not sure giving her access to the internet was a great idea.
Reece: Yeah. I’m rethinking that.
Duncan: So why are we sitting here?
Reece: Hunch.
Duncan: You think that she’s going to turn up three days later, just around the corner from the building?
Reece: Stranger things have happened.
Duncan: It’s unfucking likely.
Reece: You’re unfucking likely. Hey – that car’s been there for an age.
Duncan: You stay here. I’ll go check it out.
Reece: She’s my charge.
Duncan: Who you lost.
Reece: Oh, get fucked.


Duncan: Can you open the door please?
Leila: I can’t seem to move my arm, get Reece?
Duncan: Do you really think –
Leila: Yes.
Duncan: REECE.
Leila: Sure, scream. Let the whole street kno- Don’t. Open. The. Door.
Duncan: It’s her. She says she can’t move her arms?
Leila: Arm.
Reece: Give us a minute?
Duncan: Ugh. I’ll be watching.
Leila: While you watch you can grab the bag from the back.
Duncan: Christ, what’s in this thing?
Leila: Surprises. Reece, can you open the door?
Reece: You really can’t?
Leila: I got a little shot.
Reece: I thought you said you weren’t going to do anything illegal.
Duncan: What the fuck! How much is in this?
Leila: A little over a million.
Reece: Oh, this is going to go down well.
Duncan: And a fucking human head.
Leila: Surprises.


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